Why should I cleanse?

Cleansing can be a great way to reset your metabolism, break bad habits (food, caffeine, alcohol, etc), start fresh, alkalize, energize and detox. 


Why do you use juice and food on your cleanse?

We are advocates of “not just juice” cleansing. While strict juicing has many benefits, adding in  raw or consciously cooked foods to your cleanse program may prevent your body from going into starvation and deprivation mode, which can actually cause unwanted side effects such as--weight gain, loss of energy, and bad moods to name a few!


Can I add days onto my cleanse if I want to cleanse longer?

Extending your cleanse is a definitely possibility. Yes, we are saying there’s a chance ;)
Please contact our in store team to ask. We approve extensions based on availability. 


Do I have to follow the recommended order?

The order on your instruction email is only a guideline. While we encourage you to follow this schedule, ultimately this is your cleanse and therefore your choice how you choose to consume your items. Please listen to your body and be sure to put something in your system every 2-3 hours.


Can I get a refund if I change my mind?

We only offer refunds on cleanses if you cancel your cleanse within 24 hours of your scheduled pickup date. Cleanses are refunded for store credit.


Can I redeem my glass cleanse bottles?

Yes! We encourage you to bring back your bottles and use them to purchase some items to help you ease off of your cleanse. We ask that you bring back no more than 6 bottles a visit so we have enough storage to take all redeemed bottles.

Will I feel sick when I’m detoxing?

How people feel on their cleanse varies greatly depending on your level of health when you begin your cleanse. For example, if you are a major coffee drinker, eat nothing but fast food and bach at veggies, you may want to buckle up because the first day or two may not be too pleasant. Your body will likely be going through a “healing crisis.” Fatigue and headache are a couple of symptoms you may experience. There is a really great article on natural news which can explain a healing crisis in detail. If you experience anything too extreme and become concerned please consult a medical doctor.  For those of you who drink green juice often, eat pretty clean, and don’t really dabble in the caffeinated beverages, this should be fairly easy for you. Don’t let the above mentioned freak you out! You may experience mild symptoms of detoxing that will likely pass rather quickly.  


Will I lose weight on the cleanse?

Lots of our cleansers do experience some weight loss. While that is surely an added benefit for some, we certainly don’t recommend cleansing if that is your only purpose for cleansing. Cleansing is about checking your bad habits, detoxing from the many toxins that we are constantly exposed to, and learning how to incorporate healthy habits into your daily routines.
If losing weight is a concern of yours, ask our staff about additional add on items that will help you to maintain your healthy weight. 


What if I’m taking medications?

If you are taking medications, we ask that you consult with your medical physician prior to signing up for one of our cleanses. We are happy to work with you as long as our cleanse meets all of your doctors orders!


Can I select my own juice and food items? 

Your juice and food items are carefully selected by our experienced cleanse builders prior to the start of your cleanse. We cannot guarantee any substitutions but are certainly happy to accommodate your requests whenever possible.

How do I transition onto the cleanse?

The best way to transition onto your cleanse is to wean yourself off of caffeine in the days leading up to your cleanse. Whenever possible incorporate a daily green juice and raw veggies. Cut back on alcohol, tobacco, and all processed foods (crackers, breads, pastas, etc.). Doing these things will help to eliminate extreme detox symptoms while on your cleanse.


Do I need to do anything special when I’m transitioning off of the cleanse?

Yes! If you plan to add back in meat, dairy, non cold pressed coffee, processed foods, alcohol, etc. (we hope you don’t) please do so responsibly and slowly. You have a much purer system after your cleanse and jumping right back into your old habits may be quite a bit of a shock to your system. Continue to incorporate a green juice for the first few days following your cleanse. Keep up your veggie intake and be mindful of what you are eating and drinking.


What do I do if I get hungry on the cleanse?

We have included a list of food items that you may add to your cleanse. You may also purchase extra cleanse items from us if you are unable to make any of the additional items yourself. Please follow that guideline and don’t deviate for best results.


Is it Vegan?

Yes, everything on our menu is 100% Plant based (V)


What if I have allergies?

We are unable to work with any nut allergies, or other extreme allergies. As much as we would love to work with allergies, we would never want to put your health in jeopardy and fear cross contamination could potentially be an issue.

Is it gluten free?

Everything on our menu IS Gluten Free!!