5 Reasons to Cleanse

What is a “cleanse” and why should we do it?

According to the dictionary cleanse means: To make thoroughly clean.

So how does cleansing make you thoroughly clean?

1)    First and foremost a cleanse will Reboot your diet. Think of a cleanse as a “food reset button” That is literally taking you back to the basic tenets of healthful eating, changing your cells on a molecular level to increase your cravings for veggies and decrease your cravings for all that junk food and other unhealthy habits. A cleanse is the best way to re accustom the taste buds to real food flavors! Getting you away from those overly salted & overly oiled foods you may find yourself drawn to after habitual eating out.

2)    Help you to loose weight. Yes, some part of this will be due to calorie depletion. However, you should never enter starvation and depravation mode, which is why we recommend eating raw foods with your cleanse. We want long lasting results, which only come with lifestyle changes. A cleanse works as a catalyst for this change. What happens after your cleanse is up to you, but there is no better jumpstart to a healthier lifestyle than a cleanse program.

3)    Help your body to detox from toxins. How does drinking juice and eating raw food do this? We are constantly eating heavy foods and too much of them so our bodies are always working on overtime. Just like you and me, when we work long hard hours consistently over a long period of time, our quality of work begins to suffer and the result is poor quality. Well our bodies are no different. We are overworking them by consuming foods that have little to no nutritional value and are typically acidic in nature, which causes our bodies to have to work harder to digest and assimilate those foods. When are bodies are hard at work digesting these foods, our purification systems (which are designed to remove toxins from our bodies), are not able to work at full capacity. This leaves us with a surplus of toxic build up. Giving your digestive system a break from all that digestive work, allows it time to focus on it’s most important job….detoxification!

4)    Flood your body with live nutrients. How many of you take vitamins? How many of you use face creams and special beauty products to make you look and feel better/younger? You aren’t alone so do about 85 percent of women today! The reality is the best beauty pill you can take is the food that you put in your mouth. Cleansing gives us loads of raw nutrients that most of us wouldn’t normally eat in a month. (1 green juice alone contains pounds & pounds of raw vegetables). Most of the veggies we eat are literally cooked to death and or saturated in butter or oil. Most nutrients are killed off in the cooking process. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad when I see people getting their veggies in one way or another! But doing a 3 day cleanse where you are getting loads of live nutrients does wonders for your body inside and out.

5)    Warning: Cleansing can cause increased energy, better moods, better sleep, better sex and more beautiful hair & skin. No I’m not selling a pill or a cream here. I’m selling a lifestyle. It’s really that simple. When you cleanse, your body is able to work more efficiently. As you continue on after your cleanse with this new lifestyle, you will notice that eating foods full of nutrients that are easier for your body to digest, will cause an increase in energy which will also increase your moods allowing for better sleep, sex and a more youthful and beautiful looking you! Food is truly medicine. Take a chance, make a choice and see a change.

3 Cleanse musts for ultimate success:

  • Must Be organic
  • Must Exclude animal products
  • Must Include lots of real whole plant based foods mostly in the raw form


Cleansing is not magic & it’s not a quick fix or an excuse to binge and purge. What you do for a few days of the year is pretty inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. It’s what you do in the days following your cleanse that will ultimately lead to long lasting results.

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Happy Cleansing!!!

Nastasha McKeonComment