Get involved, Give back, Gain more!

These days it’s so easy to get caught up in the rat race. Who’s got the bigger house, nicer car, and better clothes. Even in the most sacred of places we're surrounded with the constant belief that we need more to be more. The reality is…we need to give more to be more. There is nothing more rewarding than giving back. Using your time, talents and treasures to serve the greater good. 

We believe in the 3 G’sGet, Give & Gain. It's that simple.

There is so much need in this world, in our country, our state and even at home in our very own communities. We want to encourage you to find a cause and get involved! When you give back, you will gain so much more than you can imagine.  Love, happiness and a sense of self fulfillment.        


Below we have listed a few of our favorite local non profits that are doing incredible things and making an impact in a big way.  Check them out, learn what they are up to, and see how you can get involved too! 


The 1to1 Movement


The 1to1 movement started with a simple idea—we can all be apart of the solution.


We focus on raising awareness about sustainability, the issues surrounding sustainability, and how to continue the conversation on conservation. Our approach is from the bottom up, top down. Bottom up means grassroots educational programs that we lead in classrooms (K-12), colleges, and communiteis. Top down refers to our corporate outreach to work with business owners in how the market can be environmentally savvy for the wallet and community.



Brunch Club


Our Mission.

Brunch Club exists to positively impact those experiencing homelessness. Through our distribution of food, water, essential hygiene and cold weather items we provide tangible tools to fight hunger and the elements.

We are creating a movement to combat homelessness on multiple fronts, powered by the belief that every life matters.

Join us.


H20 Patrol


Based in Encinitas, California, H2O Trash Patrol specializes

in cleaning up marine debris in and around the water and

rocks via Stand Up Paddleboards. We are a dedicated

 group of conscientious individuals who care about our

lagoons, harbors, marinas, waterways, and beaches. H2O

Trash Patrol is passionate about making a difference by

physically getting out there in the waterways and on the

beaches to pullout as much trash as possible and bringing

awareness of the growing plastic and debris in our world's






The One Love Movement


One Mission

To inspire one love across the glove and create one community that gives back through action.


One purpose

We believe that yoga will change the world. Our practice on and off the mat is a way to connect to who we are and what matters most. Change yourself, change the world.

We are an organization who’s cause is under privileged woman and youth. It is our call to make a difference for as many woman and kids as possible while having this gift called life.


We do this by raising awareness for youth issues locally and globally and by hosting public charity yoga events. Our intention is that we inspire people to give back. The money we raise is donated to existing youth organizations who are making a difference trough support programs and initiatives.





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